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BOXPARK將在2022年6月在 Bristol 推出新的場子:Box Hall。


**BIG NEWS!** We are absolutely buzzing to announce the launch of our brand new food hall venue, BoxHall!

Opening in Bristol next June, BoxHall is our latest venture, offering a carefully-handpicked selection of food and drink from the best local and independent chefs and restaurants in Bristol. But it’s not just your average food hall – BoxHall Bristol will also host an exciting events programme to showcase the best of Bristol’s music scene throughout the week, as well as a mix of other events including local art shows, live screenings and gaming experiences.

Unlike our iconic BOXPARK venues which are developed from scratch, BoxHall sites will be located in existing buildings with a strong history and cultural heritage. Our debut BoxHall will be located in Bristol’s O&M Sheds, overlooking the stunning Welsh Back harbourside – we are looking forward to seeing this vibrant waterside destination come to life next summer.

#Bristol, get ready for us!


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H2 [BOX] Design Co. // 貳工箱造設計有限公司


Line Business:@h2boxdesign

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